Stirling Engine Model Motor Gift STEM Science Physical Laboratory Toy


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Material: Metal
Colour: Silver
Item Size: 15.4 * 7.9 * 8.6 cm/6.1 * 3.1 * 3.4 in
Item Weight: 432g/15.2 oz
Package Size: 17.5 * 9.5 * 11.6 cm/6.9 * 3.7 * 4.6 in
Package Weight: 526g/18.6 oz

Operation Procedure:
1.Fire the alcohol lamp, preheat the tube approx 50-60s;
2.Take off the rubber belt which connected between big wheel and electric generator;
3.Turn the big wheel by hand, let the machinerun a while;
4.Saaembly the rubber belt;
5.Turn the big wheel by hand, machine and electric generator working, LED Lighting.

1. Using alcohol with purity≥95%.
2.Don't touch the glass when using.
3.Be careful the alcohol spitting out, is was very dangerous.
4.Using a cap to suffocate the alcohol lamp, never blown by mouth or spit water to douse..
5.If the alcohol spitting out and was fired, don't be panic, use a wet rag to cover the fire.

6.Please read the user manual carefully when starting to use the product.
The package does not contain alcohol, you must add it by yourself, please pay attention to safety and fire.

Package Included:

Package list:
1 * Model Stirling engine
1 * Alcohol lamp (without liquid)
1 * Glass Tube
1 * LED Light
1 * Alcohol lamp holder


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