SaiHu SH-02 Stirling Engine Model Educational Discovery Toy Kits


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Item Name: Flame engine    
Size: 170 X 90 X 135mm
Weight: 2.1KG
Material: Base:acrylic plexiglass plate. Cylinder Piston Copper, Flywheel Copper. The screw parts are stainless steel

Speed: up to 100-1000 RPM
Warm-up time: 1 to 2 minutes
Warm-up method: Ignite the flywheel until the machine is running
Fuel: 95% medical alcohol

Cylinder Lubricant: 3000 mesh Graphite Toner Apply the inside of the cylinder to clean the remaining powder

Maintenance: the model for the open cylinder, all when the flywheel feel the resistance is not easy to start when you can use a random tool to remove the cylinder and wipe the cylinder with a paper towel and piston smear graphite powder after re-assembly can be normal operation (debugging step reference video Explain)
Packing including:
1x Flame engine


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