GEPRC GEP Mark 2 Freestyle 200mm 230mm 260mm FPV RC Drone X Frame Kit 4mm Arm w/ PDB 5V & 12V


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GEPRC GEP Mark 2 Freestyle 200mm 230mm 260mm FPV RC Drone X Frame Kit 4mm Arm w/ PDB 5V & 12V

This is a frame designed for Freestyle, called “Mark2”. After repeated design adjustment and testing, finally finished, let us present to you.
Although Mark2 is a regular rectangular frame, it still wants you to know its design features. A lot of mechanical shapes are added to the design, and the whole is very sexy and science fiction. The four arm and aluminum alloy parts are fixed, easy to replace the new machine arm, and the fixed performance is good. The camera position can be very good to protect the camera from damage
High-precision CNC aluminum alloy fixed parts, 3K full carbon fiber, 12.9 level YFS screw, give Mark2 to maintain strength advantage.
Brand name: GEPRC 
Item name: GEP-Mark2
Material: 3K carbon fiber

PDB: 5V & 12V BEC XT60
Screws: YFS 12.9

Wheel base: 4 inch 200mm,  5 inch 230mm, 6 inch 260mm

5 inch 230mm: 
Wheel base: 230mm
Weight: 115~119g

Size: 215*180mm
Arms board: 4mm
Base board: 2mm
Bumper board: 1.5mm
1. Designed for the design of Freestyle, exquisite design.
2. The battery is mounted on top, balanced.
3. Two kinds of video camera fixed mode, easy installation.
4. High quality 3K full carbon fiber board, high precision CNC aluminum alloy parts, simple structure and strong.
5. 30mm height makes the frame more stable.
6. The arm is at the narrowest point of 13.5 mm, the wind resistance is smaller, but more commuted arm, easy to maintain.
7. 1.5mm protection bar, ensure the flight control and other parts of the fuselage are not damaged during collision and landing.
8. YFS screw, 12.9 hardness.
9. With a PDB board, integrated XT60, with BEC(5/12v output).
Recommended Parts (not included):
Flight controller (F4 / F3 / Naze32 / CC3D / Kiss)
Brushless motor (2204/ 2205/ 2206/ 2305/ 2306)
Brushless ESC(20A-45A)
200mm use 4 inch propellers
230mm use 5 inch propellers
260mm use 6 inch propellers
Battery (3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1500mAh)
This is the frame only, the camera or flight controller in the pictures are for reference only.
Package included:
1 x GEP-Mark2 frame kit
1 x PDB 5V & 12V
2 x battery strap