Andrew 21/23 Inch Mahogany High Molecular Carbon String Log Color Ukulele for Guitar Player


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1. The ukulule is suitable for beginners and ukulule learners. It is also suitable for current players to further their ability.

2. The more you play, the better you listen. When playing vigorously, it has sweet sound quality and strong explosive power. After the sound is turned on, the high frequency will be smoother and the resonance will become more sensitive.

3. Beautiful ukulele, an excellent birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other festivals or graduation gift for your students, colleagues, friends and families.

4. Rose finger board antioxidant silk. Rosewood fingerboard has high density, good sound conductivity, and can adapt to any environment.

5. High molecular carbon string. Good voice expression, good tension, good hand feeling, better stability and durability.

6. Fully enclosed string button. The accuracy of metal closed knob is higher than that of conventional system. It’s delicate and easy to maintain, and it’s not easy to run.

7. Rose xylophone code folk song fixed string cone. The fixed string cone on the folk guitar is used to change the strings. There is no need to wind the thread. One step is to lock the strings in place, and the strings bolt the sound.


Specification: 21 / 23 inch

Neck: Peach Blossom heart solid wood

Panel: Mahogany

Bottom side: Mahogany

Fingerboard Code: Rosewood

String button: Silver Chrome Plated fully enclosed button

Chord pillow: ABS

String: high molecular carbon string

Color: log color

Package Included:

1x Ukulele


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