1Pc Advanced Multi-functional Nursing Training Male Manikin Medical Model Mannequin Patient


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– This product is upgraded for LD/100 basic nursing, combines the strengths of similar western products, simulation of human by senior type development of our basic nursing science covered all the nursing operation function model. The model has the holistic nursing and disassembly branch piece of skills training.
– The model is composed of imports of plastic material made by stainless steel mound casting process. With vivid, operation, convenient assembly and disassembly, the real structure of the standard, durability and other characteristics. The new product is currently the domestic advanced, full-featured, materials inspection.
– There are organs in thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity.

Note: Not Includes interchangeable Female/Male Genital Inserts

– wash hair and face
– eye and ear cleaning, drops
– oral care, dental care
– nose tracheal intubation
– tracheotomy nursing
– suction method
– oxygen inhalation
– mouth feeding method
– gastric lavage
– breast care and breast examination
– arm vein puncture, injection, transfusion (blood)
– deltoid hypodermic injection
– the vastus lateralis muscle injection
– bone lateral muscle injection
– chest, abdominal, liver, bone marrow, lumbar puncture
– enema
– female urethral catheterization
– male urethral catheterization
– Women washing bladder
– male bladder irrigation
– fistula drainage
– and intramuscular injection
– abdominal anatomy of the important organ structure
– finishing nursing: bath, change clothes to wear
– the joints of the limbs, left-right bending, rotation, moving up and down
– trauma assessment and nursing, disinfection, dressing, hemostasis, bandage
– chest wall incision and suture of wound
– incision of abdominal wall suture of wound
– thigh trauma incision and suture of wound
– thigh skin laceration
– thigh infection ulcer
– foot gangrene, first, 2, 3 toe and heel pressure sore
– arm amputation wound
– leg amputation wound

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Package included:
1 X Male Model(and other accessories as the picture shows)



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