17 Key African Mahogany Wooden Kalimbas Thumb Piano Finger Percussion Music Mbira


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1. 17 sound Kalimbas wood thumb piano, small size, easy to carry, sound crisp, easy to use, free to play.
2. The mahogany has a good texture and is suitable for musical instrument materials. The Sound quality is warm, full, and good.
3. 17-key thumb has a wider range of sounds and can play more tracks. It is unrestricted during the learning process and can be played at will, without worrying about the problem of advanced piano.
4. The sound key is strengthened, the key is made of ore metal, the toughness is strengthened, and the key is bent down to eliminate the pain of playing fingers for a long time, which is more suitable for playing.
5. The sound of the single board is more full, and the integrated piano made of wood has a more compact internal structure, which transmits vibration quickly and fully, and fully resonates.
6. The sound is easy and beautiful, using the standard C tone, the sound is crisp and long, the noise is less, the resonance effect is obvious, and the sound quality is good.
7. Sound control type , the back sound hole of the thumb piano can be placed at the sound hole with a finger, and a special sound can be created when the sound is mastered.
Product category: Thumb piano Kalimbas
Specifications: 17 sounds
Material: mahogany
Applicable scene: music instrument
Packing :boxes
 Package Included:
1* Kalimbas Thumb piano
1* plus velvet bag
2* finger sleeve
1* polishing cloth
1* note sticker
1* red blue stickers
1* paper self-study book
1* tuning hammer


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