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Feilun FT016 47CM 2.4G 4CH Rc Boat 540 Brushed 28km/h High Speed With Water Cooling System Toy

£80.01 £67.23
Description: Basic information Brand:FeilunItem No:FT016Color:orange and army greenMax speed:28km/h Power System Motor:540 brushed motor  Transmitter Frequency: 2.4GChannel: 4CHRemote distance:about 100-150mBattery:6X AA(not included)

Flytec 2011-10 45cm 40MHZ 15km/h RC Boat Long Distance Remove Control 100m Toy

£60.30 £50.67
Description: Basic information Model:Flytec 2011-10Material:Plastic and metal Power System ESC: Brush  Charge:IncludedControl way:Radio control Transmitter Frequency:40MHZ Battery Battery:8XAA battery(not included)Transmitter battery:1X9V battery

Flytec 2011-15A 24CM 40HZ Water Cooled Motor RC Boat Wireless Racing Fast Ship

£24.66 £19.89
Description: Basic information Brand:FlytecItem No.:2011-15A Power System ESC: Brush  Servo:The fastest rate 10km/h waterproof    Transmitter Frequency: Blue 40hz               

Flytec 2011-15B 24CM 40MHZ 4CH 10KM/H High Speed Racing RC Boat

£24.75 £20.29
Description: Basic information Brand:FlytecItem No.:2011-15B Power System ESC: Brush  Servo:The fastest rate 10km/h waterproof    Transmitter Frequency:40 HZChannel: 4CH Battery Battery: AA (not included) Other Using time:

Flytec 2011-5 Generation Fishing Bait Rc Boat Kit Without Circuit Board Battery Motor Servo

£86.29 £72.51
Description: Basic information Brand:FlytecItem No:2011-5 Type:kit versionColor:Black and green Power System Do not have motor,servo and circuit board Transmitter Frequency: 2.4GChannel: 4CH Battery:4X 1.5v

Flytec 2011-9 1/18 46CM Infrated 40MHZ Silver Rc Boat 15km/h Without Battery RTR Toys

£55.18 £46.37
Description: Basic information Brand:FlytecItem No:2011-9Scale: 1/18Color:silverMax speed:15km/h Power System   Transmitter Frequency:40MHZChannel: 4CHRemote distance:about 100m Battery Boat Battery:8x 1.5V AA battery(not included)Remote

Flytec 3 Generations Electric Fishing Bait RC Boat 300m Remote Fish Finder With Searchlight Toys

£88.78 £74.60
Description: Basic information Brand:FlytecColor:Black ,red and blueMax speed:1-2.5km/h Power System Motor:double motor,130A Transmitter Frequency: 27MHZ/40MHZChannel: 4CHControl distance:about 80-300m Battery Battery: 3.7V

Flytec HQ2011-1 46CM 2.4G 4CH 15KM/H High Speed Racing RC Boat

£73.73 £61.96
Description: Basic information Brand:FlytecItem No:HQ2011-1Scale: 1/18Color:RedSpeed:15-20km/h Power System   Transmitter Frequency:2.4GChannel: 4CHControl distance:about 90-110m Battery Battery: 9.6V  600mAh Ni-cd(included)Charging time:about 4-5hoursUsing time:about

Flytec HQ5010 1/18 27MHZ 40MHZ Infrared Rc Boat Electric Speedboat Without Battery Toy

£42.26 £35.51
Description: Basic information Brand:FlytecItem No: HQ5010Scale: 1/18Color:Blue and goldMax speed:15-20km/h Power System   Transmitter Frequency: Gold 27mhz,blue 40mhzRemote distanc:about 40mBattery:2X AA(not included) Battery