RC Helicopter Parts

RC Helicopter Parts

A Radio-controlled helicopter (additionally RC helicopter) is model airplane which stands out from a RC plane because of the differences in building, the rules of aerodynamics, as well as flight training. Numerous fundamental designs of RC helicopters exist, of which some (such as those with collective pitch control) are a lot more manoeuvrable than others. The more maneuverable designs are commonly harder to fly, but benefit from higher aerobatic capabilities. [1]
Flight regulates enable pilots to regulate the collective (or throttle, on fixed pitch helicopters), the cyclic controls (pitch as well as roll), and also the tail blades (yaw). [2] Managing these in unison makes it possible for the helicopter to execute the very same maneuvers as full-sized helicopters, such as floating as well as in reverse flight, and also many other maneuvers that full-sized helicopters can not, such as upside down trip (where cumulative pitch control gives negative blade pitch to hold heli up inverted, and also pitch/yaw controls should be turned around by pilot

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0.35mm Tail Motor Enameled Wire for Walkera MINI CP WLtoys V977 V931

£3.29 £2.31
0.35mm Tail motor enameled wire for Walkera MINI CP WLtoys V977 V931 Description:Wire Diameter: 0.35mmColor: Red and YellowCore of Conductor:

1 Pair ALZRC 360 Glassy Fiber Mian Blade For ALZRC X360 GAUI X3 ALIGN 450L RC Helicopter

£16.57 £12.02
Description:Brand: ALZRCProduct: 360 Mian BladeMaterial: Glassy FiberLength: 360MMApplication: ALZRC X360 GAUI X3 ALIGN 450L RC Helicopter Package:1 Pair ALZRC 360 Glassy Fiber Mian

1 Pair ALZRC Carbon Fiber Main Blade For Devil 465 RIGID 480 RIGID 480 FAST X360 RC Helicopter 370mm

£24.24 £17.60
Description:Brand: ALZRCProduct: Main BladeLength: 370mmWidth: 4.8mmShaft Diameter: 3mm Size: 370mm x 34mmMaterial: Carbon FiberApplication: Devil 465 RIGID / Devil 480 RIGID /

1 Pair ALZRC Devil X360 RC Helicopter 131T Slant Thread Main Drive Gear Compatible GAUI X3

£14.48 £10.51
Description:Brand: ALZRCProduct: 131T Slant Thread Main Drive Gear Application: Compatible Devil X360. Packaging:131T Slant Thread Main Drive Gear x 2