RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter

A Radio-controlled helicopter (also RC helicopter) is model aircraft which stands out from a RC airplane because of the differences in building, aerodynamics, and also flight training. Several fundamental designs of RC helicopters exist, of which some (such as those with a cumulative pitch control) are extra maneuverable than others. The even more maneuverable layouts are typically harder to fly, yet gain from higher aerobatic abilities. [1]
Trip controls allow pilots to manage the collective (or throttle, on fixed pitch helicopters), the cyclic controls (pitch and also roll), as well as the tail blades (yaw). [2] Managing these together allows the helicopter to do the very same maneuvers as full-sized helicopters, such as floating as well as backwards trip, and also numerous other maneuvers that full-sized helicopters can not, such as upside down flights (where cumulative pitch control gives negative blade pitch to hold heli up inverted, and also pitch/yaw controls have to be reversed by the pilot).

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3CH Dragonfly RC Helicopter ABS Infrared Control Helicopter Toy

£24.94 £18.10
Description: Product: 3CH RC Helicopter Toy Battery: Built-in Rechargable Battery Controller: 3* AA Battery(not included) Materials: ABS Color: Red/White Flying

ALIGN T-REX 150X TA 2.4G 6CH Super Combo 3D Mini Helicopter with A10 Transmitter RTF

£543.98 £411.42
Specification: Brand: ALIGN Type: T-REX 150X TA Body Length: 255mm Body Height: 80mm Main Blade Length: 120mm Main Blade Diameter:

Align T-REX 450L RC Helicopter Dominator Super Combo

£735.12 £555.98
Specification: ●Length: 705mm ●Height: 205mm ●Width: 110mm ●Main Blade Lenght: 360mm ●Main Rotor Diameter: 804mm ●Tail Rotor Diameter: 171mm ●Motor

ALIGN T-REX 450LP RC Helicopter RH45E32XW Dominator Super Combo

£764.51 £578.20
T-REX 450 has been the ideal choice for entry level R/C helicopters. To cater to the beginner enthusiasts and solve

Align T-REX 470LM 470L Dominator RC Helicopter RH47E01XT Super Combo

£705.69 £533.72
Align T-REX 470LM Dominator RC Helicopter RH47E01XT Super Combo Description: The new T-Rex 470LM is the latest release from one

ALIGN T-REX 470LT Helicopter Dominator Super Combo 450L Upgrade Version

£735.12 £555.98
Feature470EFL Main Rotor Head provides superior flight stability and offers a lower CG design to reduce flying resistance while providing

ALIGN T-REX 500X Helicopter Dominator Super Combo

£1,144.35 £865.48
DescriptionLength: 935mmHeight: 259mmWidth: 151mmMain Blade Length: 470mmMain Rotor Diameter: 1054mmTail Rotor Diameter: 219mmMotor Pinion Gear: 12TMain Drive Gear: 134TMain Drive

ALIGN T-REX 700XN Helicopter Dominator Super Combo

£1,643.73 £1,243.16
T-REX 700XN adopts the new direct to swashplate servo design, compared to the previous generation T-REX 700N’s push-pull mode control,

ALZRC Devil 380 FAST RC Helicopter Premium Yellow Version Super Combo

£573.38 £433.65
  Description:   -With flybarless head rotor set. 6061T aluminum precision CNC processing technic, equipped with silver-red present more high

ALZRC Devil 380 FAST RC Helicopter Super Combo

£529.27 £400.29
Description: -With flybarless head rotor set. 6061T aluminum precision CNC processing technic, equipped with silver-red present more high fidelity.  Rotor

ALZRC Devil 380 FAST Three Blade Rotor TBR Helicopter Super Combo

£661.61 £500.38
The 3-bladed rotor system not only extends the original flight characteristics, but also improves its stability, lift efficiency and efficiency

ALZRC Devil 420 Fast FBL RC Helicopter Standard Combo

£426.36 £322.46
Specification:   Main Rotor Diameter: 935mm Main Blade Length: 420mm Tail Rotor Diameter: 196mm Tail Blade Length: 70mm Main Shaft Diameter: 8mm Tail Shaft