Benefits of Playing the Violin

The Pros and Cons of Playing the Violin as an Adult

You might have heard the violin is the most challenging instrument to play. However, if you start to play the violin and put in the work, you can get beautiful results as an adult beginner. Indeed, in the first years, adults can learn as fast as a child. First, I would like to recommend my video ‘Is it too late to start playing the violin’ (or viola or cello), which is all about starting to play the violin, viola, or cello being an adult. Marthe is afraid that she can never learn as fast as a child learns. This is not entirely true.

Is it too late to start playing the violin?

Marthe is entirely correct. If you are not into playing, then the first years will be tough. However, as I explain in the video, the earlier you start, the better you will get at the instrument, and if you stick with it, you will be able to play some good quality music. The video shows an example of the beginner playing the highest quality musical score in a national orchestra (Ivan Guel, on bass) at 17 (mostly because she doesn’t use her right hand). The video also shows that many good violists can do more than me, but I don’t try to play more complex pieces. Your teacher or coach can play more complex music. In the end, I work hard and get better, but I can’t play in the big symphony orchestra.

Why do adults make good violinists?

As soon as you put in the work and follow a good teacher, learning to play the violin or viola or cello can become an outstanding achievement. It will also give you a lot of freedom to learn the violin on your own as an adult. For instance, some people find that they can play in a choir or orchestra more quickly than when they were children because they’ve put in so much work already. Once you’ve learned the violin and have put in the work, you can play a violin concerto. Here is my question for you. Do you feel like you are ready for a violin concerto? The violin is a highly complex instrument to play. If you want to learn, you need to invest time and effort in training, and with practice, you can reach a very high level.

What are the benefits of playing the violin?

Adults can get outstanding results very fast. It’s a beautiful sound. You can make a lot of money playing the violin. You can become a professional if you work hard. Enjoy playing and working with music Plus. There are numerous other benefits. For example, learning the violin has a lot of advantages for older people. Playing the violin is also a great way to make friends. My father played the violin, and he’s made lifelong friends with his fellow violin players. I’m also still friends with some of them. I have more than 2,000 Facebook friends from more than 85 countries. What are the difficulties and disadvantages of playing the violin as an adult? There are few disadvantages of playing the violin as an adult, and I will explain them in my video. However, some of them are more obvious.

What are the cons of playing the violin?

Here are some disadvantages of the violin: you need an excellent teacher who has the patience to explain everything (how you should hold the violin, what kind of music you should play and what are the basic sounds that are considered to be the highest level of perfection) you cannot take a break and play other instruments – your fingers will get sore, and you may make mistakes You may have a terrible posture, and if you practice too much, your back might hurt The violin is too heavy – when you hold the violin in your arms, it may be difficult for you to hold your back straight and straighten your arm. To play the violin, you need to read music and pay a lot of attention to the basics (many students need to learn more about the violin’s essential aspects).


Violin for Adults What is your opinion? If you are interested in learning to play the violin, viola, or cello, what violin should you get? What are your specific goals, and what should you practice at first? Do you play the violin, viola, or cello? Share your experience and advice in the comment section below.