Syma X20 Pocket Review : Tiny Drone With a Big Heart

Today we are going to unbox, test, and review the new tiny drone Syma X20 Pocket. It’s small and light enough that you can actually take off and land from the palm of your hand. As with all Syma’s drones x20 has the superior built quality and appealing design. There are four blades on the sides, the power button on the top, LED lights on the bottom to indicate direction, and a micro-USB port for charging on the back. Along with the drone in the box, you will find a remote controller that powered up with 4 AAA batteries, a screwdriver USB cable, and 4 spare blades.

Syma X20 Pocket is quite easy to control both indoor and outdoor. And may serve as a nice present even for those who aren’t proficient in piloting drones. Quad-copter has One Key Takeoff and Landing options, able to do 360-degree rollovers, and automatically maintain attitude. Headless will allow the drone to consider the direction opposite to the remote control as the correct one. This may be especially useful when the drone is too high to determine its direction. And speaking of heights, the maximum control distance for Syma X20 Pocket is around 15 to 25 meters.

A drone equipped with a 180 mAh battery that holds the charge 5 to 7 minutes of fly time and can be fully charged in about an hour.

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World’s First Programmable Drone

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