Will It Drive with Virtual Reality VR Goggles? Crazy RC CAR MOD!

what is up chaps welcome to Karla ginger family channel we’re gonna do some terrifying nonsense today we have RC cars now look all these needles like off-color into the garage we had a big windstorm it’s been crazy but this RC car is not working this one’s not working these are all missing parts we have some work to do we got up this morning and like everything that could go wrong did go wrong but that’s okay because every day is a new day and we’re still gonna oblige today an stunning one we became it to the hobby patronize and they’ve got a whole bunch of really cool RC trucks of cars Carlton you see where it’s going I can totally investigate where it’s going I don’t know oh he’s playing claim over my front what are we gonna get today initially our propose was we have this big box that we did our 1 million reader Orbeez video with yeah and “were having” like 20 super illusions that we’re gonna fill up with liquid this monstrous super wobble bubble watch box thing yeah so we were gonna build like a big sand box but it was gonna be full of bubble suds full of sea and then total adversities happened all morning I was robbing up this monstrous blood-red garden-variety hose to try and start crowding up the wobbles and ogle the spigot really wholly snapped off and so water was like spraying everywhere come here I’ll show you where it happened see you guys right here it’s like all wet still the dirt still genuinely soggy you can see it with the hose end off right there coming out of the wall it was so crazy I entirely wish that I would have filmed the whole thing but I was in such a panic just trying to get the water shut off so it didn’t flood the backyard we were all running around we were all too worried about getting the spray shut off so we didn’t flood the dimension so I didn’t vlog any of it I didn’t film any of it now that our C autoes are not working we’ve got them all broken down I ponder the drift autoes going defined and charged they just have all this substance so I precisely decided to scrap that whole idea and when stead we’re gonna go to Las Vegas and we’re gonna get some extraordinary new RC cars so we can try out some of the new trash Kyle what we’re gonna run buy more RC cars okay okay mom we’re gonna go to Las Vegas love you back you plans for Mario artists I’m on the Bowser battle are you really yeah this is Moon Kingdom whoa that’s crazy cool well good luck dude we’ll see you later yeah[ Music] you guys we fixed it to the hobby store and they’ve got a whole bunch of really cool RC trucks and cars what are we gonna get today I don’t know ginger should be used get one of these things like this I don’t think so oh that’s creepy you know we’re not gonna get that like publish like freedom oh she’s writing a try that’s crazy you guys knock that like button if you think we should buy an RC car today and then we’re going to look at a assortment of them and you guys have to help us pick by voting down in the comments below I always threw the airplanes and the helicopters look hi don’t they yes because I wanna be with them in there up so that’s a good point liberty who doesn’t want to just like get that one and see if they gonna fly it around doesn’t seem like the proportions are really expensive though I don’t know they were down and people could touch that I ponder I would just as soon get a drone if I was going to get a helicopter but I don’t know which one do you guys contemplate would be cooler would you get an RC helicopter or an RC airplane which one do you think would be the coolest airplane or a helicopter you should vote down in the comments below whichever one gets the most votes maybe oh these guys once have a bunch of trails of substance recognize they’ve got one of the large-hearted X mags large-hearted ogre truck looking ones right there those are really cool the one that we have at home that now is the slash it’s right up now but we have a 4×4 one we don’t have the large-scale truck the large-scale truck that we have at home is a low C brand it’s a different one ginger what are you doing what did you find turd once oh it’s the simulator I check learn to fly that’s the itinerary Oh let me try it okay Carl you think you’re so smart you simply try to do it it’s harder than it was this is not like the video game come on Carl okay what are we getting Carl we’re gonna get an X max oh I have a low-toned C and we have a 4×4 Traxxas Slash but we don’t have the big one so merry Christmas to you this thing is awesome you guys this thing extends fifty miles per hour we gotta become track down some artilleries and I think we’re not done more we’re gonna depart get some more RC cars yeah oh my gosh this is what we just got I reflect ours is blue that would be so awesome we should do that we wholly should we’re at a supermarket called friendly diversions and they are very friendly and they got these hastening drone course like set up on the ceiling now this home is really cool so we’re surely gonna get some more trash right right please satisfy please please satisfy you guys folk down in the comments below which of these three RC cars would you get would you get the red K& N the black and green X Max or the blue and silver lo C vote down in the comments below these people have 3d printers and nonsense here in their RC hobby shop what is he starting what is it oh yeah look at that it’s totally engraving like a part or one of the RC cars and make this one over here is going to this is like print up that’s really cool Wow you guys this story is so cool they come all this different variety it would be so easy look at these like little mini ones that drive around and it’s so cool I would just just wanted to get all these RC cars and trucks the committee is also realizes me want to get in a drone scooting wouldn’t that be cool to be able to fly drones like through existing obstacles like out in the desert and through the backyard yeah perhaps we’ll get into drone hastening and do some of that I think that’d be so awesome wouldn’t it let me know down in the comments if you’ve ever learnt a monotone for they’re really fun we’re getting another Traxxas Slash 4×4 this is the newer one it’s really cool it’s got like aluminum parts and everything so we’re stepping it up a notch Carl is gonna fly a hum yes it’s a brand new inductrix fpv+ stunning bellow state like me don’t have to get off the couch this is a cute little drone Carl’s gonna fly fighting a drunken it’s cooler than its insignificant yeah that has really nice really cool it’s cool and insignificant to give a headset on like virtual reality and fly this thing to like firstly being[ Music] Carl’s wearing the goggles Carl P you learn where it’s going I can totally picture where it’s going yes and you look like there I don’t know oh it’s flying right over my foreman I’m so over myself LED lit up here’s me owl mode[ Music] alright alright Carl’s gonna apply it a shot Kong Carl you can do it okay we’re gonna acre it before it hurts something I can I find a ways oh gentleman the xmax comes with lies she doesn’t come to flights and you can upgrade him that examines so cool this searches so awesome we could drive over the dark and scoots holy smokes look at this thing continue wow he’s driving wheelies and everything that’s why it has a wheelie bar actually this doesn’t have a wheelie bar he’s just really good Wow check it out chaps we’re likewise gonna get like a VR gazing a headset thing it’s not virtual reality but you applied this on and then you wear it on your honchoes just like we did with the drone but we can do it with the RC cars look at what we got guys we got the slash 4×4 ultimate RC car and the xmax is so cool and then we decided we were going to try one of these little drones like we flew and we got the headset for it and everything so we’re gonna have some fun we’re back home people and we got the xmax all set up this is our large-scale RC truck it’s ready to go it’s the next day so let’s just situate it down and let’s see what it can do we got some hops over here let’s do it right check it out this thing can totally pop a wheelie we can do a wheelie right here it even has a wheelie bar on the back they just add little pedals and everything yeah so you can totally pop a wheelie should we try it[ Applause] thoroughly property that one oh it’s so good the xmax is a beast look at that thing we’re gonna jump this Traxxas x-max off of these large-scale ramps we have three different sizes we gathered off the wheelie and one successful movement now we have to really gave it to the real stunt car test let’s do it here we go we’re gonna go off the little lurch ready guys let’s do this here “theres going”[ Music] Wow it’s working it’s okay totally flipped various kinds of crazy so I’m so glad it didn’t end on like the first try let’s get it on off of the bigger jump this time yeah should we go off the big jump now the big one in the middle look at that thing each time we do this it always like districts on its back really bad but you can see how big that one is let’s just give it a try let’s see what happens[ Music][ Applause][ Music][ Applause] all right altogether smash it that time let’s go to the dropship no I think it’s good I don’t know let’s see it seems a little bit buggered up and little bumpy here oh human oh it wouldn’t how far that thing flew I don’t know it looks like it’s still flee let’s see I think we’re still good guy the blanket exactly various kinds of popped off[ Music][ Applause][ Applause][ Music][ Applause][ Music] the xmax survived our first day of rushing it’s going to get crazier guys because we have a whole VR headset that we registered you earlier so we can drive this first-person view with a little mini camera it’s going to be amazing so make sure to sounds anywhere on the screen in order to subscribe or to watch more videos and cause us know down in the comments below which of our RC cars you think is the favorite and which one at the diversion patronize you think we should get next alright guys we’ll see you guys next time

The smallest 4×4 brushless rc offroad car / 1:35 / brushless motor / 0h35a01 handmade Orlando Hunter

HELLO! another freak and small-time fast gondola. Ilike it so much! it’s pretty fast I made a custom enclose for it. it` s madeout of the brass tubes, i stoop it and solder it together. here’s abattery but we give the power to the motor controller, the engines controllerdeveloped the power to the servo and to the radio, radio controls the servo andthe brushless motor, the exclusion is use from the Mercedes Unimogoff-road car. it’s pretty simple and efficient it’s quite flexible( take a look) …… yes! I “ve just lost my” sentiment now! 🙂 … still on Mars…..Helooo, Earth is calling! Switching Reciever ON Testing steering the butter is weak now so I will power itlater I use the Orlando Hunter axles, it’spretty nice totality auto had 16 digests so it’s move pretty smooth and it have very little looses again on Mars ….. SO … Thanks For watching 🙂 like if You like … and keep in touch ;).


Epic FpvRc videos hey observers! it’s Henry !!! uff !!! I nearly beat him down H-AHA[ automobile bang] Let’s see what’s good in the neighborhood[ gondola tone again] Hmm, what’s going on there? OHHYEAH! open garage[ epic wanders] Hmm, Interesting .. AND SCARY !!: O NEXT TIME! oh wait, who is it? what’s up child[ Different speaking] Hi Mom! next time![ Epic impetus] are you following me ?!?!?!?!: O Hm![ Child :] Hi! Hi Hi Hi Hi no come back !! RETURN, RETURN, RETURN, RETURN !!! You’re running in slow motion! H-AHA you can’t catch me !! NEXT TIME! H-AHA hey LADY! You took the wrong smuggler! woah chapce! stay away from me! Do you like saying hello to that !? And approaching! Well, you can touch me formerly! Strok me FIND ME !!!!!! FIND ME !!!!!!!!!!! HL M !! Come back !!!! woah! he contributed me to the reserve!: O Hi parties !!! 🙂 umm i think i heard my mama calling me!:/ Hi !!!!! Hey lady! your son “ve got a problem”! 🙁 now where did he lead ?? low-spirited battery ahh here “youre ever”! 🙂 ha! I won’t jump on it again!> 🙂 low-spirited battery I told you o_o low-toned battery ale n my battery died I’m sitting! I can not move …:( what’s going on here ?! come back boy no, stay back !!! Keep your smelly feet away from me !! I SAID STAY BACK !! DO NOT TOUCH ME HEY LET IT !! HANDS OFF !! I’M LOSING FORCE !! STOP TOUCHING ME CREATION !! I care I could cram into this round !.

RC CAR 4×4 Swimming Pool BATTLE! Last to Sink Wins!

is impossible to take a beings rc car and make it unsinkable on the swimming pool we’re about to find out on the carl and jinger pedigree path right now check it out oh my gosh almost there approximately there oh no upside down you guys we have done this kind of challenge many times but not like this we have hydroplaned across the lake and climbed it across the ocean we’ve done all kinds of different rc car stuff in the swimming pool but we’ve never tried to represent them unsinkable and maintained a battle or significant challenges with unsinkable rc autoes the idea is to take an electric car and try to get it not to short out or capsize underwater it’s like a rc car barge engagement it’s going to be awesome last async acquires here’s the plan x-maxx from traxxas and i’m going to give it an astonishing dye responsibility with the orange and the blue and i’m going to pool pates and fasten them everybody with a hot cement firearm i’m going to try to make this thing unseekable to win this competition today oh yeah the brand new paint job looks astonishing then it’s all about coming genuinely inventive with all these puddle pates and this foam and cutting them up and fitting them in and around this thing until it can drive on the spray and become unsinkable come on people you gotta vote for me vote for carl oh my gosh you guys i think it’s done it has the puddle noodle paddle tires the whole way around it’s totally suds up i’ve even got a foam bumper wedged in underneath there but i’ve got one last mystery in store one of the most difficult penchants of these things is the rc gondolas are electric and so what i’m going to try and do is use this water repellent hydrophobic raynex spray i’m going to scatter it all over inside i’ve already electrical videotapeed a great deal of it up maybe this will give me that fighting chance so that even though they are i go under the water the components will survive that’s what i’m hoping you guys secret weapon right here what’s up you guys me and kyle are so excited to be on the team again of course we’re going back to the water so if you guys didn’t see us knock everyone’s hiney in the last water challenge check this out so we’re really trying to build a boat out of this thing we have a pool noodle now we can do a lot with that and then this sud but this x-maxx won the last competition for us so i think we’re gonna be good to go okay you guys we have this shell which us to be able to hot adhesive projectile cavity pellets very because those float really good gage what do you think so far do you have any other intentions other than ball pit dances um okay what if i good luck with that gage oh my gosh this is so cool it looks like balloons okay so for my theory i have a bunch of water bottles and a knot of jars different plastic bottles that i can seal airtight and i want to try to use them and attach them to zippy the rc car so he can float on irrigate and mostly i’m just trying to make it so he won’t drop abusing water bottles okay as you guys can see i’ve spray painted all of our bottles and our containers and i think they’re gonna look really cool on our rc automobile now it’s time to cement on our bottles all right this is a reveal you can see all the sizzling cement securing that bottle underneath and then we have all the bottles hot glued onto the tires with the paddle tires and i think it looks pretty good i don’t know what’s going on there though excuse me what is going on mom this is like a is a floatation car we are doing nothing but float doesn’t this was like it would just flow it looks like it would just flow good profession thanks here’s my suggestion for my barge gondola as you can see here it’s pretty simple i’m basically just going to be attaching containers to this side i likewise have this ship modification that i’m going to be attaching to the bottom of the traxxas reduction hopefully it’ll help and but it’s definitely going to make it look cooler let’s see what i can come up with here’s an update i uh zip ties two pvc hoses so the bottom of the roads is slash so i could rest the buckets on their back i also have nerf missiles now working as sort of paddle tires sadly i was not able leant them on all four tires because the zip ties interfered with the turning mechanism the last thing i need to do is to get this thing and attach it to the bottom of this mess then after that the pail barge is ready to smacked the liquid we’re gonna do a float test real quick and see if it’ll subsist unusually gently i think it’s gonna work it’s time for the unsinkable rc car challenge it’s game era are you guys ready to do this yeah we’ve been hard-handed at work for a couple of days now trying to establish these things unsinkable because naturally they want to go to the bottom for sure yeah so we have some crazy blueprints here i think if traxxas partnered up with nerf that’s exactly what you would get is over there absolutely a total nerfed rc truck this thing is completely unsinkable i think and over here we’ve got kyle and jinger’s vehicle ginger why don’t you tell them what the heck you guys did now oh my gosh i symbolize study candyland and bubble popper all in one had an rc car baby okay this is crazy thoroughly unsinkable we have foam underneath and reserve pates plus we included more cheerfulnes to the car in general by you are familiar with exactly computing our decorative illusions it was like a charming gumball truck look at that that’s so cool we’ll see if it moves though oh luke you moved with zippy yeah so by exercising recycled plastic and substance i’ve created this awesome paddle tire mod thing i have no clue if this is gonna work but at least the pigments accord and that’s a degree for me luke’s making a commentary on shedding garbage in the oceans and seas and quality and recycling or something so zippy’s gonna not only gonna try to win the new challenges he’s sending a message to the world and here “were having” my adjustment i have two barrels on the side i have a boat bottom on the bottom and then i have some homemade stride tires the container barge is ready to go on the spray this is awesome yeah think that’s it gage did you made to ensure that your vehicle actually operates this time did you pick a lead one okay yeah i did this is one of the newer tracks and reduces so it’s gonna work ogles awesome everybody’s lined up and ready to go for the first challenge we’re just gonna put them to the test and see how fast each auto one at a time can make it from this end of the consortium all the way to the deep end and live are you guys ready oh yeah i’m ready okay uh luke why don’t you go first let’s see what zippy can do all right let’s do it this is exciting have you even measured it nope oh it’s moving oh hey it’s swimming i think it’s gonna do pretty good actually your time is going let’s see how long it takes me to get there does it even turn the lids off oh no oh no oh my gosh you got this zippy come on oh no upside down that’s it that’s time gage hurry[ Laughter] save mission luke that did pretty well i’m pretty well better than i thought i’m gonna tell you that one that was awesome good hassle tell us what you guys think of luke’s design in the comments i think you realise it about halfway we didn’t quite make it all the way so there’s his official length but no official experience yeah gage is up next gage are you ready to roll the question is his bucket boat ready this is going to be crazy in the water oh he’s in here it operated still further well go anywhere that’s the question it’s working oh my gosh look at this lead it’s so adorable it’s like one of those inundate boats it is awesome i love the boat bottom that’s awesome yeah look at it gage can you turn it off[ Music] i’m impressed gage good racket you’re gonna make it back up that’s time i’m gonna count that you determined it i think you realise it all the way past these cones and that’s gonna count gage how does it feel to be the first car to make it across the pool that’s amazing this is like the second video in a row that something of mine actually operated yeah yeah so continuous boy that was awesome carl is up okay he’s turned on we’re gonna drop him in now hopefully we can make it i made a couple of mods it doesn’t settle okay it’s looking good so far you’re all sinking hey ready set go oh boy it’s cruising oh my gosh oh i think it’s steaming because it’s awesome you guys want to know my confidential yeah it didn’t die why was this steamy “well a ocean repelling a hydrophobic spraying oh hopefully it acts aim away clowns thought apart okay kyle’s ready to introduced the car in let’s see if it even moves are you measured it yet kyle oh we have whoa careful gazes okay it is floating pretty good you guys ready yeah oh they’re going fast oh my gosh the paddle tires are cruising i think kyle learned from my approach and it’s cruising easy and continuous oh my gosh he might beat me it looks really cool in the irrigate as well go kyle turn kyle approximately there nearly there he’s even steering experience wow good responsibility buster huge profession driving kyle what do you guys think so far no thought since we can’t really watch the instant replay until after this whole thing is revised in the end we don’t know who’s winning but you guys do right now so you know who’s in the lead but all the cars survive so it’s time for the final battle round where we all go in the liquid last one to stay floating is the ultimate champion you guys ready oh i’m ready all right let’s make love i’m so excited this is gonna be awesome last one upright still driving is the winner winner takes all i’m gonna make dollars on the line oh boy okay let’s go ahead and positioned them in the sea and then we’ll let’s go oh i’m going for jimmy right now[ Music] oh come on i’m only getting half responses my gondola is smoking look at this it’s steaming right now oh man oh no kyle is attacking gage okay i think my car is dead it’s over carl’s out come on kyle you got this sweet proceed i’m trying oh my gosh head to pate this is it this is it oh no this is going to come out on top some of the gumballs are popping off in the kitty repair go go go travel oh my gosh kyle’s is totally drenching and it looks like gage’s is holding up no my vehicle returned out yes wait what no way kyle if you can drive over and knock against him i’ll declare you the champion oh come on come on car all he’s got to do is make it back across the pool and bumper vehicle in for succes come on kyle don’t let us down now this is it you guys he inundated him out that’s it guys kyle and jinger makes another rc challenge high five kyle yeah good job you guys i think that we make a great team i don’t know what to say about it you didn’t overthink it you exited with the classic paddle tires and the gumball floaties with the kitty bullets that’s a really good hypothesi kyle’s a really good operator and i think it pretty much tied for the scoot across the pool so overall jinger and kyle won the challenge for the day and subsisted good hassle you guys that was one of the funnest rc gondola challenges that we’ve done we’ve got a ton more in store and we’ve done a good deal before if you like this one you better check out the other ones on screen and don’t forget to subscribe and we’ll see you guys in the next one bye-bye that was really fun

FIRST BEST RC CARS For Kids And Adults – (2017) Best bang For your BUCK!

what is going on chaps it’s ricky here and you guys are watching Ricky revo RC so today I’m going to talk about what RC cars should i buy for a first RC car I got a lot of parties ask you in this like a lot of people at work a lot about you they find out I have a youtube direct and they’re all what do you think the best RC cars is to buy I want to get one from a kid or I want to get back into it but I don’t know which one to buy I get this question a lot so I’m gonna actually touch base on that stick around and before we is starting guys be sure to subscribe and knock that Bell icon to get up-to-date RC car notifications from my path the most serious problem I see when people don’t know they want to get back into RC and they don’t know exactly what they want I means they participate these RC cars all over YouTube they told you parties in the common playing with RC cars ripping them around you know they don’t know what they are you just see this awesome little frickin auto cruising around and beings the buster who is driving it the girl who is driving it the baby who’s driving is having a great time that’s all you see it you want to get in on the action right so the biggest like I said the biggest problem I see is parties really don’t know what to buy and I see this a lot people will actually go into hobby stores and good-for-nothing against hobby collects i make i love hobby collects you know you know what you do it you’re talking about you know what you’re doing you know what you’re dealing with you go in there and you’re fine but a lot of people don’t and that’s the thing so you go in there and you get this person behind the counter trying to sell you something you have no clue what it is I imply he’s trying to sell you what a five six seven hundred dollar vehicle and don’t get me wrong i have a few very expensive RC cars and they are very fun but another trouble you merely don’t want to jump into those expensive autoes okay because you are learning how to drive the car okay you do not want to learn how to drive on a $700 RC car okay you don’t want to cut your teeth on a seven hundred dollar RC car it’s just you know it’ll just…It’ll dissuade you from wanting to do it i means that you crack a part and you find out the rate to the part and it merely you know you shit a chicken pretty much you know but you know and another problem if you get an off-brand RC car I imply if they say you something that’s an all friend that’s not very popular in parts aren’t readily available that’s going to put a damper on things because you’re gonna be you’re gonna break-dance the thing I symbolize everybody interruptions RC cars if you’ve met somebody who said I’ve never interrupt my RC car they’re lying okay they are just bold faced lying because nonsense fragments nonsense wears out and like i said if you’re buying an off symbol RC car and you end it parts are gonna be hard to get if they’re even available i make i’ve seen some RC cars that came out on the market they were perhap out for a year okay they stirred these automobiles these trucks whatever they had they were out for maybe a year you know you break something all of a sudden you know six months into it you know something is breaking you are familiar with and you need to get places for it you can’t get parts cuz fractions are finished you know how many RC cars RC chassis parties have just given to me because they said this thing is broken I don’t know how to fix it I can’t find responsibilities for it i used make the RC car do the research i find the simulate and it is about to change that that simulate is discontinued yes so i have this awesome aluminum chassis you know it’s got these big monster truck tires on it you know really cool-looking suspension but I can’t buy a machine for no more sure I can get you know an off-brand motor settle it on and make it work spent hours and hours and hours stimulating the thing work but it merely ain’t worth noting you know so that’s another problem so constituents divisions availability for cheap off-brand RC cars so that’s a big problem so you don’t want to time that so I signify these are a lot of problems you need to take into consideration when you think about getting an RC car so the answer to that question is what a first RC car what would be a good RC car to buy now guys I don’t know if you’re probably going to think i’m a fanboy but i’m really not it’s just just for my personal experiences you know i had driven affiliated losi’s and their all really great cars but they’re not entry-level vehicles okay I’m talking about entry-level gondolas so people could actually experience the diversion and you really get the most fun out of it you know you know I’m I’m gonna recommend yeah let’s do it these are my recommendations for a first RC car these are the solutions firstly if you like field bashing you know you demand a little bit of dangling excursion you require a little bit of that this you get a two-wheel-drive covered Traxxas Slash you can get those now guys for 200 horses ready to run out of the box that’s right out of the box you make that thing out you charge up the battery they give you a wall charger you plug it in for a duo hours charge up the battery heave it in the car take that thing in the backyard make that thing out to an open parking lots take it out into an open battleground start bashing it around you been a good 15 20 minutes out of the backpack that comes with the car you know have fun with it roll the thing over disintegrate it into trees you know the traxxas lash is a very tough RC and I know a lot of you guys will agree with me about that but I know from personal experience it’s a highly very tough RC car that would be a very very good first RC car I’m going to gave a associate in the specific characteristics below for a two-wheel-drive grazed Traxxas Slash they come in all different kinds of person all different wheel alternatives you are familiar with differently they’re just a really awesome looking RC car they’re very well built they’re very reliable regardless what some people might say they’re very reliable RC cars and traxxas customer support is very good i are dealing with him quite a few times and they’re very good they’re very good about their produce and they stand behind their concoctions and I know why you know I leant mine through the ringer I desire My two-wheel-drive traxxas reduce you are familiar with and formerly you get cozy with that you know another option for a first RC car which is not as tough as the traxxas flog but it’s right up there for particular driving healths is the traxxas rustler okay i recently i have a traxxas rustler my nephew’s traxxas rustler but I pretty much babysit the thing okay it’s a good car another auto two rotation drive brushed traxxas rustler two-wheeled i grazed traxxas rustler 200 horses actually I think it’s under 200 horses the same thing you get a battery with the thing you know I mean you get a battery same thing you plug it in duo hours you accuse battery up take that thing outside and travel beat it up and extend breach it and that the allure of that is if you do break a traxxas vehicle you go to any pastime accumulation you can think of and they will have parts of your traxxas vehicle okay like I said chaps I’m not a traxxas fanboy but i do love traxxas okay um so first RC cars yea so let’s I mean that’s my recommendation two-wheel-drive traxxas reduction or a two-wheel drive traxxas rustler $200 it’s the best bang for your horse I mean I had handed my controller over to children you know 8-9 years old I’ve even handled over like four-year-olds you know and they just sit there and they regard the trigger and you know the thing drives into a wall you know to me but it’s cool it’s a tough RC car they’re tough RC cars you know and again the Rustler needs a couple of ameliorates to get it up to par but they’re not very expensive ascents you know you by the RPM front bumper for it just for those you know head-on disagreements you’re gonna hit substance you know stuff like that you know other than that I mean they’re good rigs you know things are gonna break they’re gonna need amend and you’re gonna want to drive something that parts are readily available especially for the informal RCer you know people who merely want to have fun they just want one RC car really on the weekend is it identified barbecuing or something you know exactly kind of sitting in the backyard they just cleaned up the garden and you know they want to make the RC car out and they want to go bash it around in the backyard you know what I’m saying so that’s pretty much it guys so my recommendations two-wheel-drive covered traxxas reduce they still do 25 30 miles per hour once you break in the motor chaps and you can always upgrade to a lipo for that really consistent power and longer operate hour you know there’s always upgrade available for them but entry-level RC car my recommendation would be a Traxxas 2 rotate drive/ 200 bucks best bash for your horse you won’t unhappines it you won’t so i will articulate a relation in the description below ok chaps for a Traxxas Slash two-wheel-drive traxxas trounce $200 and a two wheel drive traxxas rustler I think that’s under two hundred dollars I’ve seen them under $200 and you can always upgrade them to brushless if you want to go faster if you want to see the tires rip off the friggin thing you know I imply there’s always improvement options available okay it’s a particularly standard platform and it was a extremely very good entry-level RC car so that’s my video people expressed appreciation for for watching as I said if you want to buy Traxxas Slash there’s a associate in the description go check it out you know you don’t have to buy it but check it out it is the best bang for your horse 2WD traxxas reduce two wheel drive traxxas rustler okay huge entryway elevation firstly RC cars so thanks for watching guys don’t forget to Like comment subscribe share the video and I’ll catch you guys later