How To Wear the Perfect Mask & Costume?

We are all about the mask & costume. And we don’t mean your typical Halloween disguises. If you’re planning to venture out of your house or socialize in any way this year, you and your kids are going to want to mask up with some PPE-level mouth and nose coverings. Whether it’s a night of trick-or-treating or a socially distanced spooky backyard gathering, your family should be wearing proper face masks. Luckily, Halloween is one holiday that lends itself to mask-wearing and might even allow you to get mask-averse kids previously to don one in the spirit of the holiday.

Why do we wear masks?

Face masks are a lot more than a way to disguise your identity for Halloween. They serve multiple purposes and can play several essential roles in your life, making them a staple in your everyday accessories arsenal. For the health-conscious, Forcing yourself to breathe through a paper filter like a mask can create a variety of benefits, especially for those who struggle to breathe in the dryer air or other polluted environments. The masks also reduce or prevent allergens from entering your lungs. The DIY Mask you make for yourself, or your kids should have adequate ventilation to ensure the quality and intake of oxygen. For long periods, some face masks are ventilated to prevent condensation from forming on the inside.

Things to consider when wearing a mask

Not all children are excited to wear masks. Some children can be reluctant to wear any masks for any reason. Before you suggest a homemade DIY mask, try to talk to your children about it first. While your younger ones may not have an issue with the idea, older children might be frustrated about trying something they might look silly in. If that’s the case, it’s up to you to develop a mask that your child will be willing to do. Some parents choose to make their masks, which is a great way to decide what your child will wear and have a creative outlet. However, we suggest finding a professionally-made latex face mask that your child can wear for the occasion. It’s more likely they will be willing to show it off with the Mask on.

Mask & Costume Ideas

You might want to check out our collection of Halloween masks & costume ideas, and then check out the Mask that we’ve put together specifically for Halloween 2017. If your kids have a unique costume request, you may want to go the Mask or costume route and build it around that. A witch’s hat, a devil mask, a creepy monster, or Batman’s batsuit are fantastic ideas. The Mask When it comes to picking a mask, it has to feel secure on the head. The Mask should also stay in place when you are walking or standing still. You want your kids to be able to see everything around them and have their vision intact. A large mask like the Captain America shield or the Batman symbol is excellent because your kid can wear it around and see everything happening in a 360-degree radius.


As spooky as Halloween can be, there’s one thing you should remember: This is a holiday of life and death. To better protect yourself and your family from the elements, you should keep yourself, your kids, and everyone else in your vicinity as safe as you can. Let us know how you feel about the proper mask and costume for Halloween in the comments section below.

Inflatable Toys

What Happens When You Let Your Kids Play With An Inflatable?

Pterosaur Dinosaur Inflatable Blow Up Toy Children Party Gift Decor

At first, glance, laying on an inflatable toy in shallow water seems pretty safe. After all, the water isn’t deep, and there is a floating toy right there. Recently, a family’s trip to the beach in Nova Scotia proved to be a harrowing reminder of why this is not the case. In August, two 5-year-olds played in shallow water – one in an inflatable ring, the other on an inflatable mattress. Because the girls were in shallow water, their caregiver assumed the inflatable toys were enough. It wasn’t until the girls began to drift away from that the complete danger of the situation became clear.

Inflatable toys can be dangerous

Because they are so light and buoyant, they tend to drift in the water or deflate when they get wet. That’s when it’s a problem. Kids don’t know when their toys are deflated and cannot compensate when they’re in the water. They can get trapped in the holes or strangle. When the girls got stuck, their caregiver did the right thing by calling for help. First responders rescued the girls and took them to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. While it’s infrequent that inflatable toys are the source of injury to kids, it’s good to know that they can pose a hazard. The numbers aren’t obvious, but it seems that they’re responsible for 1 in every 100 boating-related deaths in the U.S. and are one of the leading causes of drowning for children aged 4-6.

Why Inflatable Toys Can Be Dangerous

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The giant inflatable was much bigger than the girls and began to drag the mattress toward shore, according to the parent of one of the girls who spoke with CTVNews. However, the inflatable ring wasn’t nearly as big or heavy and was drifting with the current. The girls eventually lost hold of both and drifted a considerable distance. The girls’ parents rushed to the scene and tried to retrieve their children, but the current was too firm, and the military eventually rescued them. Since this incident, many parents have expressed concerns about the safety of inflatable toys.

Inflatable Toys Vs. Boats

However, you are likely to drown in one of these toys by increasing your body weight, especially if you have never been boating before. The recommended safe height for an inflatable water toy is only around 4 feet. The first step to boating safety is understanding how the flotation aids work.

How to Avoid the Dangers of Inflatable Toys

A video of the event shows one of the girls’ family members frantically trying to pull the kids from the water while also encouraging others to help. Some of the family members look ready to jump into the water and rescue the girls, but the caregiver is urging them not to, warning them of the danger. The incident took place at Sable Island Beach, which is only accessible by ferry and plane.


Inflatable toys pose a significant risk to children. Any playtime outside of concrete swimming pools is dangerous because of the hidden inflatable dangers. It’s essential for caregivers to constantly supervise and spot a child if they are in danger and obey the rules.

Holidays & Party Gadgets for 2021

Best Holidays & Party Gadgets For The Holiday

1.5*2m Fireplace Christmas Photography Background Cloth Backdrops Decoration Toys

As the end of 2019 techniques, it’s a great time to think back and review the year and think about the close friends, household, and colleagues in our lives who we are grateful and grateful to have. While it can be challenging to locate a method to reveal that belief with a present– which is why they claim it’s the idea that counts– you still wish to make sure you give them something excellent as well as not, like, rock difficult fruit cake.

That’s why we convene the best minds at The Verge each year to create our yearly vacation present guide list that’s full of present pointers. Whether you require a present for friends, family, co-workers, pet dogs, they, them, him, her, secret Santa, white elephant, or simply something to influence your one-of-a-kind present idea, below are several of our leading choices.

Holidays & Party Gadgets

It can be challenging to find a means to express how thankful or appreciative you are to your buddies or household with a present– which is why they say it’s the thought that counts– yet you still want to ensure you provide something great and also not, like, rock difficult fruit cake.

That’s why we united the best minds at The Verge to assemble our checklist of residence and technology present tips. So whether you require a present for a colleague, family member, friend, or a secret Santa/ white elephant party of strangers, we’ve got a selection of fantastic gift suggestions for any spending plan from a $7 CB2 mug to the $399 Sonos Move.


The Sonos Move is the audio speaker a great deal of Sonos proprietors have been waiting for. It’s battery-powered so that individuals can move it from one room to one more in their residences. At its price, it’s costs present, yet there’s little else available somewhat like it.


Amazon’s Echo Dot is a budget-friendly smart speaker that will certainly excite you with its countless skills. It’s likewise a reasonably good-sounding audio speaker on its own, with the ability to fill a room with music from your favorite streaming service.


1 Pair Cool 19 Color For Pick LED Flashlight Up Glow Shoelaces Party Decoration Toys

There are many smart plugs around, yet Awair’s Glow C is the only one that packs in air quality, temperature, and humidity sensing units. It additionally has an adjustable evening light. Connect an a/c unit or follower into the Glow C, and have it automatically begin whenever your space needs fresh air or is obtaining uncomfortably hot.


This two-tone mug looks excellent and also will not spend a lot. Why start your early morning by drinking coffee out of a clear cup you obtained from an arbitrary occasion when you can begin your day with a bit of a bit lot more style?


Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is the firm’s tiniest and least pricey wise display. It’s excellent for seeing headings or making video clip phone calls from your desk or as a clever alarm system on a nightstand.


Kitchen scissors are an often-overlooked yet unbelievably valuable device to have in your house. Whether you require to cut meat, tiny flowers, open plans, crack nuts, or perhaps open a bottle, these scissors are great for all of your kitchen area needs.


Ikea has partnered with Sonos for the Symfonisk, a table lamp that’s additionally a full-fledged Sonos audio speaker, complete with the business’s best-in-class multiroom-audio technology. It likewise has support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 tech.


It’s not only good to have your cooking area knives sharp, yet it’s likewise safer. Whetstones call for a bit of technique and initiative to make use of. However, they are a fantastic method to keep your blades sharper for longer. This collection includes a base that’ll maintain the whetstone from moving as you hone. Visit us now.