Kyosho Fw 05+ Tuning 2 Gang Getriebe [RC Power]

hello friends this is back on track and we come to a new video of me and that was a pleasure today i will dare you a new one testify it’s not about the airtec either it’s not about the budget and the band you go from here either it’s not about an hp prototype either, it’s about a completely different one ferrari or a kiosk framework performs clas that is the kfw 05 plus and yes it is definitely previously competitive do He is of course really good because a lot has done in order to it, and he also has brand-new ones get machine is from sap that’s a 15 15 to be exact and with a two-speed gearbox that’s of course really fast on the road Of direction it is worth it to drive so I guess it will be around 100 things he is already up front that is of course a good achievement for so one in ten on the model, yes I would say we’ll go out with it first after a bit onward and see you soon, we’re out here again we have never been here before I think that’s definitely a good one superhighway for the kiosk here is the car I’ll turn it on first yes i emphatically recollect the power is really pressure It was really fast and the battery also weighs in good so I’m completely satisfied with that say that’s enough back home so the group of friends of the part back and “were having” seen it actually “re going away” it has real strength which I haven’t yet I seemed to know where I was going, it says about now for a long time I wish to exaggerate but for a year or so instead of im with me closet and I’m as good as a two instant drive or something like that majority pity tree i built the engine back then and then the team is in the closet which is again with the 40 megahertz He is trapped in control with his own today i have some gtx three tasks here from spectrum I first got a transmitter why did I buy it yes of course it was quite then I have 12 now I firstly entered the model here you can read and as the first simulate i have now found in the hp sprint I am both more coordinated, yes I hope you experienced the video in the next few eras maybe we would be able to go out entirely explore other routes but i would say that’s it for today Thank you for looking at this until the next time

1/3 scale V10 RC car hybrid running, sort of. Part 8

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Engine starts at 5.20 Engine starts at 5.20.

REVIEW: Wall Climber RC Car (SpaceGate 19643)

hey folks your OS reviews you’re watching our video firstly glance and a immediate review of the room door wall climber this is a remote-controlled RC car which is unique because it has a vacuum on the bottom that allows it to adhere to walls as well as ceilings and you can still control it as it moves up and down so it’s a lot more unique I got some use your conventional rst gondola the concept itself isn’t abysmally new we’ve actually visit it before and it was a bit more popular a few years back when it was firstly exhausted but this one sells on Amazon for under 25 horses which continues to be realizes it fairly cheap comes in a number of hues again you is first necessary to moderately flush surface it’s not going to turn across recess but it will work with any wall as well as glass skin-deeps and again ceilings as well so it has a pretty powerful vacuum there otherwise it requires six double-a artilleries which is a few batteries to consider so both for the remote control as well as for the car itself and you can see here does have a rechargeable artillery factor as well that you can use to recharge the car formerly it’s a connected to the remote control which access a parking space so in here we have access to both of the car unit itself it’s made out of plastic has it be fairly lightweight just so be it it is therefore no doesn’t excellent stop or fall down when it’s actually descending on a wall so that’s something to quickly note construction quality isn’t another the best in the world for that reason it isn’t made out of aluminium alloy or anything like that and in this box we have access to the controller as velocity operating instructions so close now now we have the user manual tells how to set things up as well as you know and what locates you can use it and here is your note a pretty nice full-size remotes that we have there and that’s basically it here is the car so we’re going to actually draw off this lever and there we go so taking a call so I’ve got the remote first yeah again it’s made out of plastic does have a slightly cheaper feel to it but it does use a infrared on the most top there to communicate to the actual car and otherwise you can see there are two LED light-coloreds which would turn on when the remote is on as well as when it’s charging a car when it’s connected strength on/ off switch is a various modes for calibrating the actual left and right turns as well as squandering it for turning other direction so it’s fairly intuitive as well as easy to set up down below now you can pull up this bar to discover the proprietary blame cable it’s a very tiny little pin there you need to use this to plug into the car for accusing that and it takes about 30 times 20 or 30 instants to completely charge the cards structure artillery subsequentlies you can operate it I would say to around 10 instants and less before you to recharge it again so not not bad terms of action below here you have access those six double-a artilleries which is not included unfortunately and mostly designed off the remote so the car itself again most lightweight precisely because it has to be light enough to you know go across ceilings and walls without declining precisely because of that included heavines there’s access to a bit of an antenna on the top you can see that it’s made exclusively out of plastic the pedals themselves again on the sides will move and rotate and oversight matters and the back here is the most interesting part it’s the vacuum so it’s a terribly flush you can see everything has to be this almost a race car invigorated blueprint so when it’s going on a surface you can see everything is touching so the breath get sucked in in between these and then propagandized out again so that allows it to really closely stick onto a surface quite easily without accidentally stopping off it’s going to work again the best on flat skin-deeps and services that are flush so have something to quickly note so next we’re going to do a rapid demo by arrange in artilleries and then showing you guys how it works once it starts clambering walls and ceilings alright so after blaming this remote-controlled car for about six minutes I think we’re ready to go the illuminations have turn out automatically again the clamp and then be closed up to put away that proprietary charging port I can then turn the car on to on and too adopt the on situation on the remote to start navigating and using this all right so hopefully that demo indicated you guys how this thing acts when you try to have it to drive on a regulation we’re onto a ceiling you clearly notice that the resonate in the background there is a quite a bit of noise but if you have it in the regular RC car mode exactly on a flat a dad’s mutter load a flooring for example it’s pretty much silent unless the pedals are moving and aggregating as you can see there it’s a pretty sensitive RC car some shifts are quite precise and easy to control after about merely a few minutes of the utilization of it you can really get the hang of it and use it neatly now it doesn’t really manipulate when you’re trying to turn angles on a wall or on a ceiling so it’s going to fall off otherwise it remains very stable and you can use this thing after a full commission for about 12 to 15 minutes before you need to recharge it again so the battery life is decent and I like how it’s rechargeable as opposed to using you know heavier or a more nuanced double-a or triple a artillery that you have to replace after a while so this has been a video firstly ogled and a speedy review of the wall clambering RC car thank you for having watching here at OS re-examines

Greatest RC Touring Car Race Ever! – IFMAR 1/10th World championships A final leg 3 – From RC Racing

and now we return to Thailand for the final go for the culmination of the world championship meeting the final leg of the touring car world the third and deciding leg then Hara at the breast of the grid in pole position another prevail here and it’s all down to him Reinhard they’re in second place with a fifth and the second Ronald volt they’re not out of it either a second and a third what really needs a win if he’s going to go any further towards triumphing this championship victorville get well it’s not going to be his championship this year in fifth situate now Osaka what can he do with a first and a 4th 6th prestige anymore 7th and 5th not even the most wonderful of the Brits at the moment that compliment goes to the 15 time old Elliott Harper with a great third in the first leg endorse that up with a sixth location in the last heat in 8th neighbourhood Thai move central V he won’t be on the platform for the overalls ninth but Sasaki he ought or and she’ll Graaskamp at the back for the Netherlands so this is it it comes down to this race Andy Moore almost urgently scar forward before even we get the gore signal and Hara later where there’s all kinds of pogrom in behind him but the first three have got away clean Hara Reinhard and Valle get Victor filters once ceased back a couple of places that so he was involved again in that early that’s a great camera position there I actually ascertain the move 62 and a half miles per hour on the accelerate gun going into that first corner that’s a skill speeding of over 620 miles per hour that’s why these guys are so good because their reflexes have to be absolutely abrupt and they’re not on their own as you can see the leaders into the infield Reinhardt can still win this World Championship just telling Nick Daman that he was thought he was out of it and he was really racing for second make a winning in this final heat and the worlds would be his so whether he’s is good to drive the conservative race car wasn’t really set up to his liking in leg two but this seems better for the German he’s really hassling Hara isn’t he hot mass conducting from Tanya in second and we know that Reinhard can’t get just a little bit testy if he feels he’s being held up not frightened of going a bit physical with the nose of his vehicle that was the site there in that infield section in the first leg where he made the Japanese motorist on his roof Reinhardt is right in the wheel trucks of sushi Hara very strong through here the German likes the technical part of this course but a driver seeing this rather too much braking for their liking but it has a think being a very successful layout certainly we’ve had some break hastening here and right now look how quickly is there’s preventing the capability on so lighted razz the constrains risking getting the car sideways this is the battle for the link I’m getting closer than that terrific material and Reinhard exactly decides how for that moment discretion was the better part of valor coming down to two and a half minutes to run and the leaders have been locked together from the start of this race and sushi Hara with a first and a fourth berth Marc Reinhard with a fourth over the fifth excuse me all and a few seconds and he simply ketchup the inside the crowd reaction was all you needed to hear there that was very close to an action replay of what the hell happened the first hot between these two people when they were combating for the head Reinhard or managed to back out of it enough to give the leader a fair chance there good driving by the German you can’t deny that through those twisties the German inspects rapid and he’s trying even a shortcut and again there’s a collective intake of breather from the very versed bunch here now the inside of almost alongside for a moment Reinhardt’s got the quicker car nor disbelief in my intellect about that now that the German has got the quicker car but at the moment he time can’t take advantage of it enormous driving by Hara ahead of him the key now for the Japanese driver is not to buckle under the pressure he’s got to just drive his own arguments and try to keep his accumulation then it’s all down to Reinhard in second there to see the move there’s all kinds of battles going on further down the field but i dint take my hearts off the late again lock together first to the left then to the right right I start the inside delightful throw it’s through just listen to the crowd you heard what they envisioned let’s have a look at this again that’s right at the end of the manoeuvre down the inside well you know what it’s a bit robust settled site digression contact not too bad at all I reckon Reinhard had the angle there and he managed to hold on oh that’s a mistake from all right second place he’s out in the back on his rotations well that’s just remarkable let’s have another look here Reinhard well in fact Reinhardt leaves a breach there and I wonder I’m going to check that Park I don’t think that was a mistake by at sushi Hara I think he saw the rubbish there’s sound you accompany the leaders moved a bit onto the curb leaves the inside Albin hora thinks he can make it for only misjudges the end of the swerve which refers him flying coming into the last half a minute of scooting and Mark Reinhart the German has driven an perfectly immaculate likelihood put pressure on poor man as sushi hard right from the commencement of the hasten knew his action through into the lead robust yes but law as well I’m sure the crowd loving the early part of this hasten and then Hara looking for the divergence down the inside a retic the victory just slightly miscalculates on that red grey inhibit right in front of us now and that is going to allow the German mark Reinhard to come through for win well the boundary now appears big but I would say that’s probably one of the best if not the best World Championship races ever might Reinhard participate in the congratulations so here is the result of the third leg what an stunning weekend of racing Mach Reinhard makes it by second and a half from Ronald Volga in second Victorville come back up into third place ahead of Elliot Harper who adds a fourth place to his third in the first heat at sushi horror down in fifth bad news for him because when we look at the overall digests well we’ve already announced line go hard-handed as the first ever doubled world-wide endorse the German with a first and a second vaulter with two seconds is in second place overall neat fleck of equality there for him and quite amazingly here a football in third place with a person of 4th borders out are of the overall top three what about this history in fifth arrange overall on the final tolerates Eliot Harper with the third largest and a fourth sit from a championship where he was only coming to have a little look and kid a little of know-how splendid stuff[ Applause] it’s an excellent shampoo Mont and I don’t want to say you told you going to keep you weren’t you are world-wide champion the first party retain it how do “youre feeling” I feel super huge now it was a hard fight and last final everything could happen Terra was on the base of would be world champion and I think he deserved the same as me and it’s sure that he drooped back to for several sorry for him because I think he was hidden him and me we’re pretty close all the time so if it’s all for him but was pretty good how’d you feel when he realise on the roster need one yeah his fellow frightening I want when I progressed him and I was a bit striving on to the straight but then he he flipped over so I was a little bit free so I could cruise around the last source relapse and yeah I’m super joyful not really well I visualize at sushi can be a cruel game conic because one little fling and you is not simply did when the World Championship you weren’t even on the rostrum yeah I try I tried to keep front of him but it was pretty fast yeah he overstepped me and I tried to pass him again but little too much inside cash but I tried to best so I’m not disappointed face despite that you’ve had a fun tax to EA haven’t you yeah very much very much a splendid business I hope free I tried tuna for next previously Thanks thank you second in the world championship you must be completely revelled yeah we’re really happy goodbye platform wasn’t sure I can make it before the world’s and now I was competitive and really happy to have a podium[ Music][ Applause][ Music] you

RC 4WD Desert Buggy Feiyue Desert Eagle 2 Review

bismillah you assalamu alaikum this is Ali Shama and this is the best place to research this collapse a desert eagle a four-wheel drive ready to race that’s what we said ready to race right outside the box a desert buggy so we are here in the desert take a look at it now I have received when I was in China but there wasn’t any desert and luckily we were moving to Dubai so I said I will keep it and I’ll measure it and represent videos while driving here in Dubai in the real desert so today is the best day to assessment and visualize what this can do if you’re looking for some insane crazy race this is not for you but if you’re looking for some you know track hastens beginner way races or beginner moves if you’re a fledgling operators this thing is going to give you a lot of merriment I have driven it in China it was fun let’s see how it behaves here in real desert it’s a very interesting radio actually if you’re a right-handed person hand right hand on the steering it’s fine if you are a left-handed person you right hand press the throttles you exactly push it this method and you drive it or hold your buggy steering with the left hand side the radio turns into left hand or right hand instantly don’t forget to remove this button as well to make the direct let’s stop talking and kept this thing in action engine announce is not this buggies okay this buggy is very quiet now “theres going” I need to learn to drive in desert this is the right place for this buggy to show us how it performs and to show how good they you actually made this desert eagle let’s see if we can do some climbing performance-wise is nice actually I’m bad Sam has no traction remember that so the buggy actually cannot get much to speak push the accelerator the whole way down you I’m missing out on a accelerate here I want there’s not no speed here but he’s trying to handle the sand which is okay but I’m sure it’s draining a great deal of battery doing this traction control is really nice on sand kind of having fun with this one it’s a accomplishment on beach is well I won’t say impressive it’s pretty good for this buggy we don’t have any rush because then actually has no traction you should know that what I’m going to do now is we have a abandoned trail here at least i Liefeld will bring it to the track and see how it behaves on the trail because there’s less than and more gravel so let’s go over there you hey thanks for watching the video don’t forget to subscribe to my canal and stay updated for all the brand-new uploads if you liked the video smacked the like button and share it the friends