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The Toy Trends You Need To Keep An Eye Out For 2021

The 68th yearly Toy Fair at London’s Olympia exhibit center was once more full of fun and magic, making it one of the favorite exhibitions on earth. While those showing at the program teemed with a positive outlook for the year in advance, NPD this year introduced that UK toy sales had fallen for the first time in three years. In contrast to the 12 months, toy sales in 2020 were down 2.8%.

The industry need not be as well alarmed. The UK is still the largest plaything market in Europe, and toy sales are still worth a monstrous £ 3.4 billion. Nonetheless, the figures show that the plaything market might be readied to become much more affordable. As trends among youngsters (and grownups) alter quickly, plaything makers need to see what they’re maintaining.

To assist you in getting up to speed, here are simply some of the plaything trends that we’ll be maintaining a close eye on for the year ahead.

Squishy Toys

Fidget re writers started the fad for tactile toys, as well as there’s been no stopping the category given that. This year the buzz is around squishy playthings. If you can press it and squash it, then kids are going to want it.

Squishy toys have also seen an increase thanks to the online trend for making scum. Using a reaction to increasing screen time, sludge has ended up being widely popular both for children and adults as something fun but also relatively low-tech. Sludge is simply among several toys kids can get their hands right into. Yet it’s much from the just one, as foam personalities capture the hearts of children searching for something squishy that they can hug and also collect.

Responsive playthings aren’t just for youngsters either. Adults– even those without kids of their very own– are crowding to toys they can spin, crush and slide. Grownups are acquiring more playthings than ever before, and the toy market sees supposed ‘kidult’ toys as a significant growth resource.


Tactile toys aren’t alone in attracting both kids and adults. Thanks to its overall allure, collectibles were among the most effective doing plaything classifications in 2017, with a growth of 17%.

One of the leading toys for last Christmas was Fingerlings Monkeys ( tiny apes that you can hang off your fingers as if they were holding on to a small tree). Youngsters enjoy them, and many desired not simply one, yet the entire collection. The antique category has likewise seen a significant boost in secret collectibles. While virtually not all that different from a Kinder Surprise, there has been a flood of brand-new participants into the market.

LOL Surprise dolls were a huge hit at Christmas, with each secret pack having a lovable collectible doll inside. Hatch and grow toys have also seen development, with Hatchimals and comparable items continuing to offer highly.

Mermaids, Dinosaurs and also Superheroes

It’s clear that the extended licenses, specifically attached to hit household movies, will dominate the plaything shelves every year. Significantly, they’re likewise generating whole groups of comparable products that are certainly inspired by it while not straight linked to the permit.

Expect to see great deals of mermaids and dinosaurs this 2021, as cinemas get ready for a brand-new live-action Little Mermaid film and the current installment in the Jurassic World series. It will come as not a surprise that Star Wars will control yet another year, as the standalone Han Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts.

Industry watchers may likewise intend to maintain their eyes peeled off for superhero-themed toys. Not just exist a plethora of new Marvel motion pictures planned, Disney, as well as Pixar, will certainly likewise be raising the lid on the sequel to the widely popular Incredibles.

While brand-new trends can be challenging to anticipate, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen some of the most significant vendors for Christmas 2021 at this year’s Toy Fair. Whether it’s a squishy stress buster or an adorable collectible, there should be some great items under the Christmas tree this year.

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